Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the most efficient and accurate way to identify faults and maintenance items. Our UAS crews capture visual images from perspectives that are difficult and or costly to achieve from traditional inspection methods. Photos from above give more complete information about the frame of the structure as well as the electrical hardware attached. Colorado Aerial’s visual inspections have discovered serious problems with parts of structures not visible to inspections performed from the ground.

Thermal Inspection

Not all problems are visible to normal cameras, in many cases thermal imaging is beneficial to get a complete understanding of an electrical structure. Thermal imaging inspections can find problems before they become major issues. Thermal imagery allows us to find problems such as tracking, hot insulators, and hot transformers on the structure that would be invisible to the naked eye.

QA/QC Checks

Our aerial systems use cameras with 20 megapixel sensors to capture images with immense detail. Paired with a 23x optical zoom lens, photos can be captured as if they were taken a foot away from the hardware. Capturing this level of detail can take extra time, but can be well worth the effort when utilities need to check if their structures are within spec.